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Aww… Big dream coming true

Aww.. and now I’m on a roll…
(this is my third post for today)

Have I told you yet…

I realised one of my BIG dreams… !

Within a month… I’ll be on a cruise in Alaska,
with a 1000 people who choose Love and Joy too
as a way to live their lives

It’s kind of a tricky story, I guess..
and I do not see all the ‘clues’ of it very clear, yet
But I will !
And then I’ll share them with you

All I know for now is that I made it happen !
By following the steps I shared with you
here, on this blogspot (see other posts)
and in my 7-step-program as I present it on my website

I’m in for a trip, I tell you !
I can feel it
it’s the start of so much more 

But let’s not get myself ahead of myself here
as I so easily tend to do (LOL) 
and ENJOY every step of the way ❤

Big hugg


mount cook nieuw zeeland

If you have dreams too.. that want to be LIVED, visit my website
It is my Joy to be of assistance to You !!!




A walk in the forest

I went for a walk in the forest yesterday
but I wasn’t able to connect to Nature the way I ‘wanted’ to
Disappointed in myself I returned home early 

Today I went again
A split second before entering the forest I heard :
“embrace it… your disconnection. Your fear. Own it”
So I decided that whatever I would come across.. in myself, the forest… I would make it part of me. Embrace it fully.

I never walked more centered and secure.

Allthough I’ve been practicing acceptance of my feelings for years,
they kinda keep sneaking up on me … those moments where I’m not aware I’m resisting something in myself… where I’m wishing for something in the way I feel to disappear… to be different…

I discovered once more that by resisting some (deep hidden) part of my own (emotional) Nature, I disconnect from Nature alltogether. From life.

I smiled.


I’m not perfect. At least, when I look through my own eyes, I’m not.
But in the eyes of Nature, I am. Perfect.
No judgements whatsoever.

Nature celebrates me being in the flow… of ME.
Whatever that looks like in that particular moment  

Being committed to living my life ‘true to Nature’…
I’ll have to follow the flow of whatever shows itself to me
No judgements whatsoever

I understand one can only do so from a state of Love
So one has to be the Love and the human at the same time ..

Ooh… I’m babbling I guess… too philosophical LOL
But I got my own answer in this.
I can do it. I already am. Doing it.

Life is a funny thing. And I have eyes to see the humor. Of it All.
Thank God 

Well…. until next time…

ps: the babbling IS ‘connected’ to the quote below, in case you wondered 
Cause every single thing that ‘pains’ us (cf quote) is rooted in disconnection from our own Nature.

In our True Nature, there IS only pleasure 





“When water isn’t rippled, it is naturally still.
When a mirror isn’t clouded, it is clear of itself.
So the mind is not to be cleared; 
get rid of what muddles it,
and its clarity will spontaneously appear.
Pleasure need not be sought
get rid of what pains you,
and pleasure is naturally there”

From : ‘Back To Beginnings, reflections of the Tao’


Hee lieverds,

Het is een hele tijd geleden dat ik nog iets gepost heb hè
Goh, ik kwam net tot het besef dat ik een heleboel op mijn facebookpagina’s deel, maar dat jullie dat dan niet per se te zien krijgen.

Dus… hieronder mijn laatste FB post, in reactie op deze quote van mijn geliefde ‘Mark’*


YESS !! 😀

That’s why I titled the book I wrote in 2011: “Joy, portal to a higher conciousness living”

Joy is the energy Love breathes into this world.

Follow your Joy and you will find everything you could ever wish for !


It was clearly shown to me .. for me to show to others

So…. why are we so reluctant ? To access delicious living ?

And here I just smile…..

‘Cause I know the answer all too well…. out of my own experience and struggles…
And I just feel compassion.
For myself… the world…

And patience…
‘Cause we ARE remembering.

Besides.. have you noticed ? the way Joy is contagious ?

Let’s just start one day at a time and decide that today we will choose to have a heart that’s light and filled with Joy

How ?
By seeing the Joy everywhere around us

It’s easiest to discover in Nature

The way the butterflies dance
the crickets sing, the insects soar
The way the trees rest in bliss, the clouds dance to the air
the weeds reach in delight for Life, no matter where they grow

It’s the way little children show us
head over heels, 
playing their way through life

Ooh I wish for us to re-embody the innate innocence

of Play

and Joy


In love,


 * Mark is a high dimensional Being channeled by Jonette Crowley.