A walk in the forest

I went for a walk in the forest yesterday
but I wasn’t able to connect to Nature the way I ‘wanted’ to
Disappointed in myself I returned home early 

Today I went again
A split second before entering the forest I heard :
“embrace it… your disconnection. Your fear. Own it”
So I decided that whatever I would come across.. in myself, the forest… I would make it part of me. Embrace it fully.

I never walked more centered and secure.

Allthough I’ve been practicing acceptance of my feelings for years,
they kinda keep sneaking up on me … those moments where I’m not aware I’m resisting something in myself… where I’m wishing for something in the way I feel to disappear… to be different…

I discovered once more that by resisting some (deep hidden) part of my own (emotional) Nature, I disconnect from Nature alltogether. From life.

I smiled.


I’m not perfect. At least, when I look through my own eyes, I’m not.
But in the eyes of Nature, I am. Perfect.
No judgements whatsoever.

Nature celebrates me being in the flow… of ME.
Whatever that looks like in that particular moment  

Being committed to living my life ‘true to Nature’…
I’ll have to follow the flow of whatever shows itself to me
No judgements whatsoever

I understand one can only do so from a state of Love
So one has to be the Love and the human at the same time ..

Ooh… I’m babbling I guess… too philosophical LOL
But I got my own answer in this.
I can do it. I already am. Doing it.

Life is a funny thing. And I have eyes to see the humor. Of it All.
Thank God 

Well…. until next time…

ps: the babbling IS ‘connected’ to the quote below, in case you wondered 
Cause every single thing that ‘pains’ us (cf quote) is rooted in disconnection from our own Nature.

In our True Nature, there IS only pleasure 





“When water isn’t rippled, it is naturally still.
When a mirror isn’t clouded, it is clear of itself.
So the mind is not to be cleared; 
get rid of what muddles it,
and its clarity will spontaneously appear.
Pleasure need not be sought
get rid of what pains you,
and pleasure is naturally there”

From : ‘Back To Beginnings, reflections of the Tao’


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