Aww… Big dream coming true

Aww.. and now I’m on a roll…
(this is my third post for today)

Have I told you yet…

I realised one of my BIG dreams… !

Within a month… I’ll be on a cruise in Alaska,
with a 1000 people who choose Love and Joy too
as a way to live their lives

It’s kind of a tricky story, I guess..
and I do not see all the ‘clues’ of it very clear, yet
But I will !
And then I’ll share them with you

All I know for now is that I made it happen !
By following the steps I shared with you
here, on this blogspot (see other posts)
and in my 7-step-program as I present it on my website

I’m in for a trip, I tell you !
I can feel it
it’s the start of so much more 

But let’s not get myself ahead of myself here
as I so easily tend to do (LOL) 
and ENJOY every step of the way ❤

Big hugg


mount cook nieuw zeeland

If you have dreams too.. that want to be LIVED, visit my website
It is my Joy to be of assistance to You !!!




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