Hee lieverds,

Het is een hele tijd geleden dat ik nog iets gepost heb hè
Goh, ik kwam net tot het besef dat ik een heleboel op mijn facebookpagina’s deel, maar dat jullie dat dan niet per se te zien krijgen.

Dus… hieronder mijn laatste FB post, in reactie op deze quote van mijn geliefde ‘Mark’*


YESS !! 😀

That’s why I titled the book I wrote in 2011: “Joy, portal to a higher conciousness living”

Joy is the energy Love breathes into this world.

Follow your Joy and you will find everything you could ever wish for !


It was clearly shown to me .. for me to show to others

So…. why are we so reluctant ? To access delicious living ?

And here I just smile…..

‘Cause I know the answer all too well…. out of my own experience and struggles…
And I just feel compassion.
For myself… the world…

And patience…
‘Cause we ARE remembering.

Besides.. have you noticed ? the way Joy is contagious ?

Let’s just start one day at a time and decide that today we will choose to have a heart that’s light and filled with Joy

How ?
By seeing the Joy everywhere around us

It’s easiest to discover in Nature

The way the butterflies dance
the crickets sing, the insects soar
The way the trees rest in bliss, the clouds dance to the air
the weeds reach in delight for Life, no matter where they grow

It’s the way little children show us
head over heels, 
playing their way through life

Ooh I wish for us to re-embody the innate innocence

of Play

and Joy


In love,


 * Mark is a high dimensional Being channeled by Jonette Crowley. 


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